In the center of Cascais, Casa da Pergola (Pérgola House) is a guest house that offers a journey through time and enchants guests with the scent and colour of the garden.

Fully embedded in the architecture of Cascais, Casa da Pergola construction is a master of the late nineteenth century, architectural style with Mediterranean characteristics, with a ground terrace – a pergola – to provide a restful shade.

Its beautiful facade in style “Raul Lino” with hand painted antique tiles, and its garden of boxwoods and colorful flowerbeds have pleased  amateur and professional photographers.

The interior of this house  is equally stylish and is welcoming guests for twenty-five years. A white marble staircase leads to ten comfortable rooms furnished with different styles. On the second floor is the lounge with wooden floor and wooden ceiling, divided into various environments, chaired by the fireplace. A collection of paintings of the owners of the house and the old family photos make up the atmosphere of this house with a history.

Inviting in all seasons, in colder months, the breakfast buffet is served exquisitely by the fireplace and in the sunniest, it can be enjoyed in the beautiful garden.

In the garden every flower bed is rigorously planned and the plantations are meticulously registered to allow an effective rotation of soils, ensuring its fertility. And it is a matter of honor to Patricia and Manuel to have two shows of flowers in their garden every year. It is definitely the most photographed house with garden in town.

The  light purple rosebushes that Patricia’s grandmother planted 40 years ago are well kept and every spring the flowers blossom and the perfumed aroma spreads all over the garden.