Visitors to the Casa da Pérgola (Pérgola House) will receive a warm welcome from Patricia and Manuel, and will be looked after with great care and professionalism.

“My father is the ‘head gardener’ ” presents Patricia. Father and daughter are the hosts of this house whose ex-libris is the  garden. In spite of  being maintained by a gardener, Manuel likes to be in charge of the garden and to keep it fresh and alive, in honor of his mother, who was passionate by flowers.

We are able to enjoy Casa da Pérgola today thanks to the family pride and enterprising spirit of Manuel Gonçalves and his daughter, Patricia, who have opened their doors to tourism in order to retain the spirit of that which, for them, is their family’s heritage.

In the early twentieth century Patricia’s great grandfather bought the Casa da Pérgola and the adjoining house for his two daughters.  Whilst the adjoining property was used more as a holiday retreat, and has since been sold, Patricia’s grandmother made the Casa da Pérgola her family home, and it therefore holds many family memories for Patricia and Manuel.

In the 1980’s, following the death of his mother, Manuel decided to open the Casa da Pérgola for tourism, and Patricia’s specialised training and experience in the area of tourism ensured that the venture would be a success.  It was officially transformed into a Guest House in 1985.

Some years ago Patricia and her 2 daughters Marta and Ines moved in into a private alley of the house being always around.