The Breakfast Buffet is served daily from 8-10 am in the Breakfast Room or outside in the garden, depending on the weather.

– Natural orange juice
– Milk (hot and cold)
– Coffee and cappuccino
– Several types of tea
– Pancakes
– Several types of jam
– Several types of yogurt
– Cereals
– Sliced fruits plate: Papaya, mango, kiwi, strawberries, melon and pineapple
– Plate of cheeses, ham and smoked ham
– Several types of bread
– Areias de Cascais (typical butter cookies)
– Scrambled eggs and bacon
– Small almond cakes


Beverages are served all day long on the lounge or in the garden.

Tea service(3-7pm): cappuccino, hot cocoa, coffee, tea, pancakes with jam, crepes with chocolate filling and ice-cream.

Happy-Hour (6-8pm):  glass of red or white wine, cheese, smoked typical sausage, olives, toasts.

Port Wine (6-8pm) : served daily as a courtesy on the lounge or in the garden.